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Allegro Development

Allegro Development

Website: www.allegrodev.com

About the company

Allegro is a multi-market commodity software solution provider, offering real-time intelligence and decision-making capabilities that improve the management of physical and financial positions, optimize assets and portfolios, and manage risk. Our commodity risk management software goes beyond common CTRM software offerings to deliver the position transparency, trader performance and compliance functionality you need to accelerate financial results. With Allegro, you gain access to a single system of record that enables flawless execution of value-creating, real-time decisions in the acquisition, storage, transportation, optimization and sale of any commodity class. From out of the ground to the point of consumption, only Allegro stands equipped to help you squeeze every drop of value out of your business.

Products and services

Allegro designs and delivers the industry’s leading multi-commodity trading, transaction and risk management software. Allegro provides agile software solutions that deliver the fastest time to benefit with the least risk. Our advanced software architecture and component- based approach allow Allegro to rapidly deploy agile solutions to perfectly match customer priorities and deliver a high return on investment. Allegro provides full consulting and support services including solution deployment, data integration, legacy and third-party systems integration, infrastructure services, training and global support, including on-site options.

Contact details

Dallas Office, Headquarters
1445 Ross Avenue
Suite 2200
Dallas, TX 75202

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