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Aptivaa Consulting Solutions

Aptivaa Consulting Solutions

Website: www.aptivaa.com

About the company

Since its inception in 2004, Aptivaa has emerged as a strong player to contend within the financial risk management arena. Our domain expertise covers the wide field of financial risk management, and related spheres of regulatory compliance and strategy, among others. Some of the world’s top banks, insurers, as well as global asset management companies rely entirely on us to effectively manage their regulatory issues and complex risk management challenges.

Having said that, we understand that every client is unique and has a unique requirement, and we model our solutions accordingly. Structured methodologies and a systematic modular approach allow us to seamlessly adapt to your objectives, taking into account factors such as the nature of your banking business, risk profile as well as geographic scope.
We employ only the most highly-skilled talent. Adept at accelerating risk management programs, they will turn the challenges of emerging regulatory compliance into a competitive advantage for you. Our unwavering focus remains on domain competence and a commitment to excellence in project delivery.

Products and services

Aptivaa has developed world-class competencies in high-stakes risk and compliance areas transforming international finance, such as IFRS9, Enterprise Risk Management, Credit, Market & Operational Risk, Basel II, Basel III, ICAAP, Risk Based Pricing, Risk Systems implementations etc. Aptivaa has built its own Intellectual Property (IP) to deliver superior risk solutions to an increasingly demanding and knowledge-driven global services market.

We take pride in being leaders in the domain of risk management, through seminars and workshops conducted globally and training sessions held for central bankers and senior management of companies and financial institutions. Aptivaa’s consultants have conducted Training and Knowledge transfer sessions of the ERM framework to staff of various companies and banks belonging to Risk, Finance, Treasury, Business, Audit and Compliance departments. Tailor-made presentations have been provided to the Senior Management and the Board on ERM framework implementation.

Over years of experience in related assignments, Aptivaa has developed a systematic and process oriented approach towards implementing risk management frameworks for institutions. They have been developed by Aptivaa’s global risk management team and are proven through extensive project experience.

Contact details

India: +91-22-40838600

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