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IBM - Risk Analytics

IBM - Risk Analytics

Website: www.ibm.com

About the company

Powered by Watson Foundations’ Big Data & Analytics platform, IBM has established the world’s deepest portfolio of risk management solutions and software. The company has invested more than $24 billion in big data and analytics acquisitions (including Algorithmics, OpenPages and Trusteer), holds 6000 risk and security patents, employs more than 1,500 dedicated risk professionals and over 6,000 IBM researchers, developers and subject matter experts all focused on security.

For more information about IBM Smarter Risk, visit www.ibm.com/smarterrisk

Products and services

IBM Risk Analytics provides the software, systems, consulting and implementation services to deliver a secure, agile and reliable risk environment. IBM's Smarter Risk approach is focused on driving our clients' ability to leverage risk data to improve decision making and build trust, which involves aggregating and consolidating data from across the organization. The latest IBM Risk Analytics solutions include the IBM Algo Integrated Risk Platform, IBM Algo Strategic Business Planning, IBM OpenPages GRC Platform 7.0 and IBM's latest solution for model risk management.

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