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About the company

Misys is at the forefront of the financial software industry, providing the broadest portfolio of banking, capital markets, investment management and risk solutions available on the market. With more than 2,000 customers in 130 countries our team of domain experts, combined with our partner eco-system, have an unparalleled ability to address industry requirements at both a global and local level.

We connect systems, collect data and create intelligent information to drive smarter business decisions. To learn more about how our Fusion software portfolio can deliver a holistic view of your operations, and help you to solve your most complex challenges, please visit www.misys.com or our Misys group on LinkedIn and follow @MisysFS on Twitter.

Products and services

Misys solutions

Our Fusion software gives you the single, global view you need. It’s designed to be easy for any organisation to adopt.

Fusion solutions can fit seamlessly into your existing infrastructure, or create a brand new platform that will start delivering value within months. And because Fusion solutions are flexible and agile, you remain perfectly placed to overcome changing market conditions and new challenges.

Misys FusionRisk
Risk is all about insight. This is the driving force behind the Misys FusionRisk solution. We understand that as a strategic imperative, risk involves connecting knowledge from every part of a financial institution. So FusionRisk takes a holistic, “top down” approach that provides the complete picture of exposure that regulators, shareholders and boards demand.
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Misys FusionCapital
All too often, selecting best-of-breed for one area or asset class can mean accepting second best for others. With FusionCapital, clients benefit from expertise across all asset classes. All products are supported with front-to-back processing and sophisticated trading tools that offer true real-time, business-wide, cross-system capabilities. Our solutions support the needs of the world’s toughest trading environments.
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Misys FusionBanking
We believe that stability, agility and innovation are critical to commercial success and the ability to build the bank of the future. FusionBanking offers an integrated range of solutions that increase efficiency and build customer loyalty. Misys has unparalleled experience in transforming banking operations to help banks prosper in the digital age.
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Misys FusionInvest
We take a multi-function approach to investment management that helps boost productivity and agility. FusionInvest can handle the complete trading lifecycle from portfolio management and investment operations, to risk management and compliance, across a wide range of asset classes. Its modular approach ensures capabilities can be added incrementally without disturbing existing technology investments. More than 90 buy-side customers rely on our solutions, including some of the world’s top asset managers, hedge funds and pension funds.
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