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About the company

Benefiting from near 30 years of experience, Murex has developed an unmatched competence in the design and implementation of integrated trading, risk management, processing and post-trade solutions for buy- and sell-side financial institutions.

Our vision covers technology, with a modern platform adapted to the latest market trends and fast evolving technologies, and service, with an innovative and client-centric service structure aimed at partnering with clients for the long term.

Constant investment in innovation, strong dedication to quality support and a keen understanding of financial and capital markets are the fundamentals of Murex's strategy.

Drawing from its unique experience in servicing capital markets, Murex provides with MX.3, its third generation integrated platform, a best-of-breed solution delivering both vertically (from front-to-back including risk) and horizontally (across unrivalled asset class coverage) the best of functional and technical coverage in all areas to address the issues at stake in capital markets and the need for financial institutions to rationalize their architecture, focus on low total cost of ownership, high STP and reduced operational risk, while refusing compromises on the coverage quality.

Industry recognition and awards testify for Murex's leadership and ability in successfully supporting our clients' business strategies across the globe.

Over 1,800 specialists, located in 17 offices across Europe, Asia and America are dedicated to providing clients with the best support in the industry, through a holistic approach placing the client at the center of the organization from project initiation through to solution support.

Products and services

The MX.3 integrated platform notably features:

Thanks to our strong investment in business knowledge and the high configurability of the MX.3 platform, Murex packages and delivers specific business solutions addressing the requirements of different institutions types and the myriad of challenges of today's financial industry: rethinking of the technological infrastructure, management of all facets of financial, business and operational risks, evolving regulation environment, and the need to capture growth opportunities whether in bull or bear markets.

The front-to-back risk capability of the company sets the integrated risk and compliance framework of the MX.3 platform apart, delivering cutting edge tools for the management and control of value at risk, PFE, CVA, limits, liquidity risk, collateral management, as well as reporting and integration capabilities.


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