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About the company

For more than 30 years, Murex has been providing enterprise-wide, cross-asset financial technology solutions to capital markets players. Its cross-function platform, MX.3, supports trading, treasury, risk and post-trade operations, enabling clients to better meet regulatory requirements, manage enterprise-wide risk, and control IT costs. With more than 50,000 daily users in 60 countries, Murex has clients in many sectors, from banking and asset management to energy and commodities.

Murex is an independent company with over 2,200 employees across 17 countries. Murex is committed to providing cutting-edge technology, superior customer service, and unique product innovation.


Products and services


The MX.3 platform offers flexibility and openness, sitting at the center of your IT infrastructure, it works with your existing systems as well as the wider capital markets ecosystem.

From trading and post-trade operations to risk management, MX.3 provides best-of-breed functionality, with unmatched coverage across all asset classes.

Supporting IT transformation

With IT infrastructure directly impacting how your business operates and the decisions you make in real time, fragmented and legacy systems can no longer keep pace with the changeable financial markets. Moreover, unrelenting pressure on margins and results means the cost of making significant change is often avoided.
At Murex, everything we do is focused on helping clients to transform their IT in a way that manages cost, resource and business impact.

A modular approach

An agile foundation for your IT infrastructure, MX.3 connects business processes and powers operations with advanced and specialized native business solutions for trading and analytics, post-trade and risk management. Designed for the capital markets, it provides functional depth and openness to meet the evolving needs of all market participants.

MX.3 is unique in depth and breadth of functionality and coverage from a single platform, unlike other approaches that rely on a patchwork of multiple systems. With shared data points, centralized processing and clear alignment of systems, MX.3 gives you a global view of your business.

Clear and immediate benefits

With a streamlined infrastructure, operational risk and costs can be reduced, giving you greater control over profitability and margins, allowing you to invest in your future development.

Access to consolidated and accurate information allows you to make real-time business decisions. The agility of the platform enables you to expand your global business, entering new markets and delivering new services while enabling regulatory compliance through the entire value chain.

MX.3 for Enterprise Risk Management

MX.3 for Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is designed to help financial institutions optimize their risk infrastructures and reduce the cost of compliance. The cross-asset, cross-function platform provides a new model for risk and collateral management, enabling institutions to control and monitor risk at every step of the value chain. It can be used as an integrated trading and risk solution, or a full enterprise risk management platform that integrates with your existing trading systems.

Our ERM solution provides a high-performance architecture and advanced calculation engine to cater to internal risk management and regulatory compliance across market, credit and liquidity risk. Our calculation engine capabilities include historical VaR, Monte Carlo simulation, PFE, XVA and more. As one consolidated and central platform, it unifies data repositories, valuation and risk engines, giving you a holistic view of your risk at pre- or post-trade level. This enables the optimization of internal processes to control and manage total cost of trading; consolidates risk reporting for efficient compliance; and influences real-time trading and business decisions to optimize capital investment. Stay competitive by effectively managing risk, while optimizing capital, assets and liquidity.

The Murex Risk and Regulatory suite delivers specialized functionality covering FRTB, CVA Capital Charge, SA-CCR, cleared and bilateral margining, and XVA management, in one consistent cross-regulatory platform. It is available as a standalone solution or as part of the MX.3 for ERM offering.
The flexible platform can easily adapt to the changing risk landscape. MX.3 for ERM enables you to meet regulatory deadlines, rapidly anticipate business impact and more easily adapt to future developments.

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