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About the company

Prometeia is a leading provider of consulting services and IT solutions focused on Enterprise Risk & Performance Management. With over 600 industry experts, we serve more than 200 financial institutions in 20 different countries, through a network of branches in Europe, Russia, Turkey, Middle East and Africa. Our client base includes primary financial institutions, central banks, multilateral organizations, as well as local banks and credit unions. Our unique business model combines innovative software solutions, implementation support, extensive consulting services and methodological training for risk practitioners. A ‘one-stop shop’ for all buyers of risk technology and services. Our clients benefit from the synergies of our interconnected products and services, a fast delivery, rapidly customized solutions and people committed to solving their challenges.

ERMAS® is the advanced and flexible solution provided by Prometeia to support the active management of enterprise risks and maximise the value generation, while meeting the requirements set by the regulatory standards and by the specific business model of the bank. The bank can activate each module independently, to fill a specific gap in its risk infrastructure, and benefit from the availability of one integrated solution, based on a common data warehouse and state-of-the-art technology.

Products and services

Enterprise Risk Management

A risk management framework of distinctive breadth and accuracy, that combines consulting services with fully-fledged software solutions, analytical models, market and customer data, financial and economic scenarios, and professional training.

Our Enterprise Risk Management solution, ERMAS, is a fully integrated Risk & Performance suite that supports banking groups in making their critical decisions. The suite is entirely developed and distributed by Prometeia, which also manages directly all implementation projects. Leveraging on a common configuration and feeding process, ERMAS provides a comprehensive view of balance sheet risks and performance according to the best methodological practices.

We support our clients by means of ERMAS suite in the following areas of expertise:

Wealth Management and Financial Planning

We provide wealth management and financial planning solutions that enable wealth managers and advisors to meet their clients’ demands for advanced consulting services, while satisfying regulatory requirements.

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