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Safe Banking Systems

Safe Banking Systems

Website: www.safe-banking.com

About the company

For more than 15 years, Safe Banking Systems has been thinking ahead of the risks to expose money laundering, combat financial crime and find the bad guys that other systems miss. A technology enabled company, SBS provides financial and other organizations with innovative AML and compliance solutions that identify, monitor and control relationship risk across the enterprise.  Robust technology supports Know Your Customer (KYC), Customer Due Diligence (CDD) and Enhanced Due Diligence (EDD) requirements.  Safe Banking Systems safeguards an organization’s reputation and financial assets while ensuring compliance with OFAC, BSA, the USA Patriot Act and other regulations. 

Privately owned and headquartered in New York, Safe Banking Systems continually invests in research and development to address the ongoing challenges of an ever-changing industry. Deep domain expertise, unique data mining techniques and a dedicated team form a winning combination that arms organizations with a holistic framework for enhanced AML, risk and compliance. With its patented methodology for risk ranking large databases, unique probability scoring model and proven entity resolution, Safe Banking Systems brings actionable intelligence to clients worldwide. Visit www.safe-banking.com for more information.

Products and services

SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® is a feature-rich anti-money laundering and compliance solution. It identifies risk in customer databases quickly, accurately and visually to deliver greater efficiencies for List Management, Entity Resolution, and Research and Reporting.

Comprehensive watch-list filtering identifies high-risk entities while sophisticated link analysis connects the dots to expose hidden risk.  Multi-dimensional charts, graphs, scatter plots, timelines and other visuals in SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® bring complex information alive for easy analysis.

SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® screens an organization’s entire customer database to identify sanctions, Politically Exposed Persons (PEPs) and Reputationally Exposed Persons (REPs) found in adverse media. Daily surveillance captures constantly changing information so entities with negative news are quickly identified and dynamically monitored for updates. SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® dramatically improves customer screening performance and operational efficiency while identifying an organization’s hidden risk.

SBS’ game-changing entity resolution goes beyond simple name matching.  SAFE Alert Manager® combines the patented methodology for exposure ranking in SAFE Exposure Index® with the probabilistic alert scoring and prioritization model of SAFE Strength Index®. Together, they deliver the highest risk, most likely to be true alerts based on severity and probability metrics.

With its advanced analytics, visual components and fully integrated workflow, SAFE Advanced Solutions Visual Intelligence Platform® enables institutions to identify, assess and mitigate risk across the enterprise.

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