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Alacra Partners With Nominodata

Posted: 17 December 2012  |  Source: Alacra

Alacra, Inc. Partners With Nominodata To Provide Enhanced Due Diligence Tool Via Alacra Compliance

Alacra, Inc., a leading provider of online business information solutions, and Nominodata, a solutions company formed to help clients with worldwide identity, compliance, and risk management issues, today announced a partnership to deliver Nominodata’s CheckForRisk content via Alacra Compliance Enterprise.  Alacra Compliance Enterprise is an award-winning entity on-boarding and KYC tool that addresses regulatory and risk requirements with an efficient, consistent and documented vetting process.

Nominodata’s CheckForRisk provides integrated searching against the latest Watch Lists, PEPs data and negative news when performing enhanced due diligence on persons or corporations. CheckForRisk accesses millions of national and international sources, and indexes thousands of new pages every 24 hours.

“We are excited to add Nomino’s capabilities to the Alacra Compliance Enterprise workflow,” Steve Goldstein, CEO of Alacra said. "Having access to a centralized list of PEPs, sanctions and enforcement lists, as well as adverse news, gives our clients the ability to be compliant with the latest AML and KYC standards.”

CheckForRisk represents a significant enhancement for Alacra Compliance users. As compliance officers know, in some cases a significant amount of time elapses before watch lists and PEPs records are updated with news that is occurring today. By proactively monitoring the latest breaking negative news, as well as client defined lists, users are provided with an early warning system.

Al Macdonald, CEO of Nominodata said "Our partnership with Alacra is very exciting for us as it shows how effective our data and services are as well as the very clean delivery through the Alacra interface.  The relationship with Alacra confirms our decision to move to a partnership sales model as being the right one."