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BI-SAM reveals its vision for middle office operating Platforms

Posted: 21 November 2012  |  Source: BI-Sam

BI-SAM, a leading provider of data management, performance, attribution, risk, composites and reporting solutions for the global asset management industry, today announced the release of its second issue of BI-SAM Insights.

In the first volume of the Insights series, BI-SAM emphasized the fact that investment managers should look for six sources of strategic value in their operating platforms. The second issue extends this analysis to demonstrate why the middle office is the area where most strategic value can be derived from operating platforms.

The new issue, entitled “The strategic importance of the middle office and its operating platforms” identifies the key contribution made by middle office functions within investment management companies. Once viewed as a service function and the bridge between the front and the back office, the middle office is now an enabler of commercial success. It has a strategic role to play because it can enrich the value created in the front office. To deliver this contribution, however, it will be necessary for firms to achieve a higher degree of integration in their operating platforms.

“Industry trends are leading to the growth in the importance of the middle office. This is where the key functions of governance, quality control, quality assurance, and client communications are located. Investment managers can enhance the strategic value of their operating platforms by increasing the degree of platform integration in support of middle office functions. The firms that do this will be in the best position to meet the future challenges in the asset management industry”, commented Peter Ellis, EMEA General Manager at BI-SAM and author of the report.