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Linedata Introduces Dashboard Interface for Linedata Clarity

Posted: 8 June 2017  |  Source: Linedata

Linedata (NYSE Euronext: LIN), the global solutions provider dedicated to the investment management and credit industries, today announced the launch of its intelligent dashboard interface, Linedata Clarity, designed to simplify and prioritize decision-making for asset managers. The dashboard interface is a modular component which can be integrated with solutions across Linedata’s comprehensive asset management platform.

In today’s complex financial environment undergoing digital transformation, firms and their decision-makers face an enormous challenge to stay ahead of volumes of data and expertly sift through and synthesize this information to make the best decisions in a timely way. Linedata Clarity simplifies this by getting users to their most relevant information about problems quickly and focusing them on what is most important, wherever they are – at the office or on the go.

Linedata Clarity provides a new way for key asset management roles, to include portfolio managers, compliance officers, traders and risk managers, to stay ahead and ensure their attention is focused in the right place at the right time with intelligent notifications and an interactive user interface that allows navigation through key data. The dashboard interface will have applicability for asset managers, administrators and their clients.

This inaugural version of the intelligent dashboard is focused on the specific demands of portfolio managers; it leverages the power of multiple different solutions to get at data that is most relevent to them. Linedata Clarity propels portfolio managers from a static and scheduled report view of the world to one where they get a view into what is happening right now – keyed on exceptions, it provides insights into the portfolios being managed, significant holdings, trading, valuations and changes to related portfolio models.

Linedata has hired leading design firm, Fathom London, ensuring that Linedata Clarity brings responsive design for web, desktop and mobile, internal as well as third party data sets, and data visualization tools to life in a high quality, contemporary user experience.

“Asset managers work in an increasingly real-time world and their day-to-day lives revolve around reviewing, filtering and finding valuable insights from large volumes of data,” said Ed Gouldstone, Global Head of Product for Asset Management at Linedata. “We are excited to introduce what our clients have been asking for – Linedata Clarity streamlines all this so portfolio managers can effectively identify new opportunities and catch problems before they happen.”