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Neuberger Berman Selects Bloomberg’s Evaluated Pricing

Posted: 28 November 2017  |  Source: Bloomberg

Bloomberg announced today that Neuberger Berman has selected Bloomberg’s evaluated pricing service (BVAL) as its primary pricing source for end-of-day values for municipal bonds held in its mutual funds. The firm also tracks fund performance with Bloomberg’s municipal bond indices, which use BVAL as their pricing source.

Neuberger Berman is a global, independent, employee-owned investment manager with $284 billion in assets under management. Using Bloomberg’s evaluated pricing to calculate end-of-day NAV for its investments helps the firm track fund performance consistently and reliably. In addition, Bloomberg provides broad coverage of U.S. fixed income securities, access to in-house evaluator teams and transparency into its pricing models through Bloomberg Terminal screens.

“BVAL, which provides pricing services to the Bloomberg Barclays Indices, is uniquely positioned to help Neuberger Berman accurately track its fund’s relative performance versus the market standard benchmark” said Varun Pawar, global head of Bloomberg’s evaluated pricing service.

BVAL draws on real-time access to market observations from a variety of contributed sources, such as reporting facilities, trading venues and market-makers. Bloomberg’s pricing models are presented through the Bloomberg Terminal so that traders, portfolio managers and pricing professionals can review how a price was derived. Today the service prices 2.5 million fixed income securities, including nearly 1 million municipal bonds. Prices are recalibrated three times a day using the most current and relevant trade data available.

BVAL prices are the result of data-driven models that are closely monitored by a team of municipal market experts to help ensure reliability and relevance of data that reflects the market objectively. Evaluators on Bloomberg’s municipal bond valuations team have an average of 15 years of industry expertise.

BVAL is the primary pricing source for the Bloomberg Barclays bond indices which are widely recognized benchmarks for fixed income investors.

To learn more about Bloomberg’s evaluated pricing service for fixed income please visit www.bloomberg.com/professional/product/pricing-data/