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New SAS® Cybersecurity Detects Greatest Threat: Intruders Already Inside Networks

Posted: 29 October 2015  |  Source: SAS

The biggest cyber threat facing organizations today? The attackers lurking in corporate networks who have frequently been in place for months. Undetected, they’re poised to steal confidential information or disrupt operations.

New software from SAS, the leader in analytics, handles the big data challenge of detecting these cyber intruders. SAS® Cybersecurity helps organizations wield their information advantage over attackers to protect valuable corporate assets.

The longer cyber criminals stay in the network, the harder they become to detect. At the initial intrusion, the organization has a significant information advantage over the attackers, as security personnel know the network infrastructure. But as intruders learn more about how the network operates, that advantage erodes.

Combing tens of billions of events daily for anomalies

As time passes, cyber crooks learn to blend in with the network’s pulse. The huge amounts of data involved also help obscure their actions. For a typical Fortune 500 company, this could mean hundreds of thousands of unique network events per second, or tens of billions per day.

“SAS Cybersecurity can find hidden patterns in huge amounts of network data that indicate suspicious activity. This helps organizations across industries enhance their network defenses and safeguard precious customer, operational and financial data,” said Stu Bradley, Director of the SAS Security Intelligence Practice.

“Cyber threats are among the biggest business challenges of our time. SAS’ new, powerful and analytics-driven approach will help organizations meet this challenge.”

Altus Group reinforces commitment to data security through SAS partnership

The financial services industry is a frequent target of cyber attacks. Not surprisingly, some of the earliest adopters of SAS Cybersecurity are global banks based in the United States. But every industry is potentially vulnerable.

For publicly traded Altus Group, (TSX: AIF), SAS Cybersecurity delivers additional peace of mind. A leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry, Altus Group’s offerings empower clients to analyze, gain insight and maximize the value of their real estate investments.

“With clients across the globe, including large institutional owners and top asset managers, we need to ensure our networks are defended,” said Robert Courteau, CEO of Altus Group. “Our advisory relationships are built on years of experience and trust. Clients want to know their private information is safe and that we are proactively looking at new ways to enhance our systems.”

“We pride ourselves on developing innovative technology platforms that offer increased visibility and compelling data analysis,” Courteau continued. “This collaboration with SAS will allow us to leverage their industry leading software to better protect these assets.”

With more than 80 offices in major markets in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific, Altus Group is rolling out SAS Cybersecurity globally.

SAS Cybersecurity recognized for innovation

This month, Ventana Research awarded SAS Cybersecurity a 2015 Information Technology Innovation Award in the IT Analytics category. Ventana Research is a respected business technology research and advisory firm. With the award Ventana recognized SAS Cybersecurity as visionary and transformative technology that helps organizations solve a huge technology challenge and achieve important business goals.

“Applying powerful analytics and adding business context to billions of network interactions each day, SAS Cybersecurity is both visionary and transformative technology,” said Mark Smith, CEO and chief research officer of Ventana Research. “You only have to open a newspaper or click on a news site to know that cyber threats affect us all: businesses, governments and consumers. SAS Cybersecurity and its big data analytics foundation deliver an innovative approach to a thorny global challenge, and help protect organizations’ most valuable data assets.”

Identifying suspicious behavior

When an organization effectively monitors and analyzes all its network activity, and understands the business context of how a machine should behave, attackers’ behavior will stand out as suspicious or unusual compared to normal network activity.

SAS Cybersecurity helps organizations to do just that. SAS Cybersecurity helps companies quickly process and analyze the big data of machine-to-machine interactions on the network. Actively streaming and continuously evaluating these interactions compared to peer norms enables organizations to detect anomalies sooner and prevent attackers from gaining a foothold.