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Raiyun Will Incorporate F3 Into Its Risk Management Software

Posted: 21 November 2012  |  Source: FinCad

Financial software provider FINCAD announced today that Raiyun Information Technology Ltd, which provides risk management software and solutions to Chinese financial firms, will be incorporating F3 analytics into its new application Raiyun Market Risk Management System (Raiyun Market).

Raiyun will begin offering a new solution to financial institutions in the world's second-largest economy. F3 analytics will be responsible for providing the stress testing, valuations and risk analysis aspects of the new risk management solutions. Using F3 will reduce the manual aspect involved in these processes. The software application supplied by FINCAD will be used to amplify the existing portfolio management and valuation capabilities of Raiyun's new treasury management system.

Amar Budhiraja, director of strategic business development at FINCAD, said in a statement that "we're excited to have Raiyun as one of the first FINCAD Alliance Partners in China."

He noted that Chinese financial institutions will have to prepare for the evolving regulatory landscape by using powerful applications for risk management, and added that "we are confident that Raiyun Market powered by FINCAD's industry leading pricing and risk analytics will help Raiyun's clients manage risk and meet regulatory requirements efficiently."