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solarisBank goes for zeb.control

Posted: 28 March 2018  |  Source: zeb

solarisBank, the first banking platform with its own full banking license, will use zeb’s modern and flexible bank management software zeb.control. The software aims at making solarisBank’s bank management more efficient and flexible as well as ensuring the sustainable growth strategy of the FinTech company. solarisBank was founded in 2016 and offers a scalable digital banking platform to other companies that want to enter the financial services market.

zeb.control is a fully integrated software package comprising the zeb.control.risk – ALM application incl. zeb.control.calculation which satisfies the basic risk management needs of solarisBank. What is more, it also contains the technical foundation for setting up a contribution margin calculation based on single contracts at a potential later expansion level. The technology company has opted for zeb.control since the bank management software can prove a longstanding and successful application expertise in the European banking industry.

In particular, zeb.control supports solarisBank in present value and periodic interest rate risk management, liquidity risk management as well as monitoring of the risk-bearing capacity. zeb.control also offers solarisBank flexible scenario analyses for  holistic total bank management including all relevant regulatory KPIs. zeb's total bank management software has captivated solarisBank particularly due to its high level of technical integration of risk management function and controlling issues.