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The Largest Private Commercial Bank In Qatar Migrates To The Latest Version Of ICS BANKS

Posted: 27 November 2012  |  Source: Doha Bank

Doha Bank, the largest private commercial bank in Qatar, to run the latest version of the universal banking software ICS BANKS®, supplied by ICS Financial Systems Ltd. - ICSFS, the International leading provider of the banking and financial solution, on Oracle’s latest technology; Oracle Database 11g and Oracle WebLogic Server 11g.

Doha Bank, one of ICS BANKS® users, upgraded ICS BANKS® version to work on the latest Oracle Database 11g. The bank also removed the data centre from the old headquarters’ building and relocating it in the new one. The migration process started in February 2012, and was accomplished in May 2012. The bank went through a major upgrade after installing the latest version of ICS BANKS® that includes many new features.

Group CEO of Doha Bank - Qatar; Dr. R. Seetharman commented,

“Doha Bank & ICSFS have had a long partnership starting from 1999. ICSFS has proved; over the years that the continuous upgrading of ICS BANKS® application is always compliant with the latest technology available in the market. This upgrade was part of the same strategy. ICSFS has been very flexible & fulfils its commitment towards its clients. With this latest upgrade of ICS BANKS® in addition to Oracle Database 11g and Oracle WebLogic, Doha Bank will continue to deliver superior-value services to customers. It is worth mentioning that the migration process went smoothly and was delivered on time by the dedicated support from everyone involved. ”

Acting Head of IT – Doha Bank; Mr. Mohammad Abid,

ICSFS has significantly ensured that it has the ability to meet the requirements of its clients, and by running ICS BANKS® upgraded version and Oracle’s latest technology; Oracle Database 11g and Oracle Weblogic; Doha Bank will continue to deepen customer relationships, invest in growth opportunities and drive productivity.”

General Manager of ICSFS; Mr. Robert Hazboun, stated:

“Running the latest version of ICS BANKS® and Oracle’s latest technology will enable Doha Bank to increase their performance, and deliver faster banking services. It will also maximise business opportunities and increase their competitive advantage.” He added, “We provide the latest technology to offer the customers convenient, effective and efficient processes through our banking solutions.”

ICS BANKS® is also recognized as one of the first banking application to implement Oracle’s latest technology, Oracle Database 11g and Oracle WebLogic Server 11g, in Africa and the Middle East, and even among the first in the world.