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AxiomSL: Performance Optimization - Infrastructure Proof Of Concept

Posted: 1 May 2015  |  Source: AxiomSL

As regulators continue to introduce new requirements, the amount of data that market participants must process in short periods of time is growing exponentially. These changes are increasing pressure on compliance teams to ensure they have the best technology in place and that it is performing optimally.

AxiomSL enables its clients to adapt to new regulatory requirements by providing flexible, cutting-edge software. The burden of compliance can also be reduced by making sure AxiomSL’s software is supported by the best hardware available and is configured appropriately.

With this in mind, the UK arm of one of the world’s largest investment banks decided to explore how it can optimize its use of the AxiomSL platform. It partnered with AxiomSL on a proof of concept (POC) that examined the benefits of infrastructure changes.

The bank set a target for the POC of improving performance by 30%. It was impressed when it exceeded this goal and realized a 56% gain by combining AxiomSL and its database with a new Hewlett-Packard (HP) hardware stack.

This white paper outlines the work done during the POC and details the results produced.

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