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Basis Technology: The Honest Guide to AI for Risk

Posted: 4 June 2018  |  Source: Basis Technology

Sometime in the next two years, it will happen to you, and you’ll never forget it. Maybe you’ll see a car pass with no one at the wheel. You might be a minute into a customer service call and realize you’re not talking to a person. Whatever the specifics are, an artificially intelligent system will perform something from Star Wars, and you’ll know the world has changed.

AI will soon become a truly public, visible phenomenon. Insights from this field have already made their way into almost every facet of our lives, but they’ve done so with such subtlety that you’d be forgiven for not noticing. Open your inbox, notice a Facebook ad, or watch a Netflix suggestion and you’ve interacted with AI. While these innovations have improved our lives in countless ways, they haven’t caused a paradigm shift. But, when we let our computer take the wheel to get back to that book we’ve been meaning to finish, we won’t be in Kansas anymore.

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