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Business Process Modeling and Standardization

Posted: 1 April 2009  |  Source:

The emerging interest in the process approach is giving rise to numerous expectations and views. Whether it be Business Process Reengineering (BPR), Business Process Management (BPM), Activity Based Costing (ABC) or Business Activity Monitoring (BAM), process modeling is at the core of each of these approaches. The arrival of modeling standards is now resulting in the rationalization of process analysis methods and the creation of a knowledge base that can be shared by market participants.


Substantial progress has been made in business process standardization. However, it is clear that the wide range of domain covered by business process modeling requires more than a single compacted standard. This article attempts to present the current status and the need to embrace the multiple dimensions of business process approaches. The perspectives given in this report are based on MEGA customer experience and Mega's many years of participation in standardization groups.

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