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Capco: Hybrid Value Chains In Financial Services

Posted: 7 October 2013  |  Source: Capco

This paper explains the rationale for multi-national banks to create a new ‘contract’ with Social Enterprises; to incorporate them into their commercial value chains as providers of new customers, platforms, technologies, products and services. The ideas advanced here have been originated from a social change perspective by Ashoka and subsequently discussed and developed in association with Capco.

Throughout the paper, we refer to “Social Enterprises”. These are defined as organisations which deliver a social good at a profit which can be reinvested in the business to fund growth rather than relying solely on donations. We also talk about “Hybrid Value Chains” – HVCs - which we define as mechanisms for value identification and creation that go outside (in this context) the traditional bank parameters in order to leverage the experience, insight and proven delivery capabilities of Social Enterprises. The ‘big idea’, now being implemented in the agricultural, food and the pharmaceutical industries, and based on HVCs, shows that Social Enterprises can successfully collaborate with multi-national companies as an intrinsic partner in their business models

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