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Chartis: RiskTech100 2014

Posted: 8 December 2013

Welcome to Chartis’s eighth edition of the RiskTech100® report. The RiskTech100® comprises the world’s most significant companies in the risk technology sector. This report is acknowledged globally as the most comprehensive and prestigious study of risk technology vendors.

This year we welcome back our research partner for the RiskTech100®, Accenture. Accenture’s perceptive analysis of how the risk technology market is evolving appears in chapter four of this report. We also warmly welcome our media partners, RiskTech Forum and S&P Capital IQ.

On the demand side of the market for risk technology, firms continue to increase spending. Most of this growth is fuelled by the changing requirements and regulations within the financial services industry. Chartis forecasts global risk IT expenditure in financial services to exceed $30bn by 2015. However, other industry sectors such as energy, commodities, telecommunications, and government are also experiencing increased demand due to ongoing enhancements to regulatory and corporate governance standards. For many firms, the key challenge is achieving the right balance between short-term, compliance-driven tactical risk IT projects and the establishment of a long-term strategic enterprise technology architecture for risk and compliance management.

On the supply side, Chartis has noticed an expansion in the use of new technologies, as vendors are employing real-time systems, unstructured data analysis, artificial intelligence, cloud and mobile technologies in order to effectively manage the extraordinary data (Big Data) demands of enterprise risk management.

The risk technology vendor landscape is also showing an increased appetite for strategic alliances and mergers or acquisitions, as vendors look to enhance their current product or technology capabilities and establish new channels to expand their sales and marketing reach.
As well as tracking the latest trends and developments in the risk technology marketplace, this report is designed to highlight some of the most dynamic and innovative vendors for key sub-segments and categories (see Category Winners on page 24). I trust that it will prove both valuable and insightful.

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Chartis: RiskTech100 2014

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by ANTONIO SOUSA, Wednesday 4 December 2013, 11.01am

On page 9, where we read “The significance of Basel 3 cannot be overestimated” didn’t you mean “underestimated”?

Philip Mackenzie's avatar

by Philip Mackenzie, Wednesday 4 December 2013, 2.48pm

Hi Antonio, when we said “cannot be overestimated” we meant that the effect of Basel 3 is so enormous and wide-ranging that it is difficult to over-estimate its influence. Hope this clears it up.

Many thanks!

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