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Cura Software: Case Study - Kellogg’s

Posted: 6 January 2015  |  Source: Cura Software

Synopsis: The Kellogg Company opted for Cura Software to automate SOX Section 404 compliance across the organization. Using Cura’s best practices-based solution has resulted in complete compliance visibility, improved executive reporting and has helped to facilitate consistent documentation. These have been big wins for the compliance program.

Challenge: SOX Section 404 compliance is managed by Kellogg’s global compliance SOX manager, who reports to the Corporate Controller, and six regional SOX 404 coordinators. Until two years ago, Kellogg relied on Excel, Word and other Microsoft applications to comply with SOX 404.

Testing was performed by process owners within individual business units throughout the organization; however, this decentralized control process resulted in a lack of visibility to the testing completed. In addition, reporting was highly manual, tedious and time-consuming. There were additional challenges with consistency and quality of the data collected.

The company needed to invest in software that would allow the Section 404 compliance process to be more automated, resulting in a consistent, global compliance program, better visibility, timely reporting, and the ability to leverage best practices .

Other benefits desired by the organization included that the solution be web-based, offer document retention, as well as management reporting across a wide area global network with optimal performance for end-user efficiency.

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