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Dodd-Frank Title VII Compliance: Optimize Your Investment to Increase Business Value

Posted: 8 March 2012  |  Source: SAS

As lawmakers respond to economic events with complex new rules for market participants, regulatory compliance becomes an ever-larger cost of doing business in energy and commodity trading. Some argue that the new regulations and reporting requirements of Title VII of the Dodd-Frank Act have increased the price of admission for swaps trading to the point of being a barrier to entry for small firms.

Consider your own organization’s reaction to the burdens imposed by the Dodd-Frank regulations. Are they regarded as an admission fee or a tax – or are they viewed as an opportunity to derive more business benefit? It is clear that Dodd-Frank compliance represents a significant investment of funds and resources. Firms that fail to take advantage of the business improvements enabled by these mandated compliance investments are overlooking the opportunity to bring added efficiency and risk control to their trading operations.

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