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EDHEC: New Developments in the Commodity Markets

Posted: 31 December 2007  |  Source: EDHEC

In the book, Intelligent Commodity Investing (Risk Books, 2007), Joseph Eagleeye and I collected authors from across the globe in order to provide a comprehensive view of commodity investing.

We have always enjoyed our involvement in the commodity markets as active participants. These markets are like a big tent that comfortably encompasses a wide variety of talented professionals and includes, for example, global-macro strategists, street-smart practitioners, careful fiduciaries as well as brilliant quants.

In 2007, the highly dynamic commodity markets had attracted new classes of participants such as algorithmic high-frequency traders; sophisticated product structurers; and Chinese entrepreneurs. This article will briefly cover the market developments that brought in these new participants by drawing on chapters from Intelligent Commodity Investing.

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