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Fenergo: Surviving The Perfect Storm - Making The Case For Client Lifecycle Management

Posted: 1 December 2014  |  Source: Fenergo

In this paper, Joe Dunphy, Fenergo’s Head of Product Management, describes the perfect storm that is brewing in the world of financial services. Operating in a tumultuous regulatory environment, investment banks and capital market firms are trying to brace themselves against the onslaught of existing, enhanced and new regulatory requirements, each with regional variations and changing timeframes and scopes. This puts the strategic organizational objectives of the COO and CEO at odds with the tactical capabilities of the institution’s compliance, data management and onboarding teams.

Joe also outlines some of the regulatory, operational and business benefits that can be derived from adopting an approach to Client Lifecycle Management and a technology that can help institutions generate six core benefits – risk avoidance and reputation protection; improved time to revenue; enhanced client experience and increased client retention; centralized control and operations; future-proofed compliance and cost savings; and resource savings and efficiencies.

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