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Mega: What Is Cyber Security? (…And Where Should I Start?)

Posted: 1 November 2014

If you’re not sure what cyber security is, you’re not alone.

For the European Commission, cyber security is everything from providing “better internet for kids” to implementing international cooperation on cybersecurity and cybercrime [1].

The European Parliament has approved a draft directive intended to improve cyber security in Europe, but has limited the focus to “protecting critical infrastructure essential for the maintenance of vital economic and societal activities” [2].

A recent market analyst report defines the cyber security market in terms of security product categories, and estimates that it will grow to $155.74 billion by 2019 [3].

So depending who you ask, the boundary of cyber security, and the cyber domain itself, is either extremely fuzzy or incredibly sharp (five-figure precision in a five year estimate implies a very clear understanding of scope).

How the cyber domain should be conceptualised, and the implications of that for cyber security, is the subject of a report commissioned last year by the UK Ministry of Defence. Rather than focussing only on security threats, the report takes a fresh approach.

It proposes that interactions in cyberspace, whether malicious or benign, can be understood as manoeuvres in a “Cyber Game” [4].

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