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Reval: TRM, The Next Generation TMS - Treasury and Risk Management Solutions

Posted: 26 June 2013  |  Source: Reval

New world priorities require new world solutions. This whitepaper discusses current innovations in treasury management solutions that bridge the gap between cash, liquidity, and financial risk management. It also addresses recent advancements in technology that allow treasury and finance professionals to perform optimally and nimbly in a shifting global economy, and introduces Treasury and Risk Management (TRM).

In the current treasury environment, aligning people, processes and locations across the functional areas of corporate fi nance, treasury and risk is a “now” reality for the way treasury needs to operate. No longer can treasury teams work in isolation of their risk-focused counterparts or their colleagues across the globe. This new way in which treasury needs to work requires fl exibility, mobility and collaboration. This profound and dynamic change requires technology that is wired for the new world – technology that is built for change and for the way users work.

Technology for the new world goes beyond enabling otherwise disparate groups to communicate – it also changes the conversation. It gives fi nancial professionals the global capabilities they need to drive the organization forward and empowers groups with the fi nancial intelligence they need to work together to deliver shareholder value. With over half of respondents to a recent Risk Survey by the Association of Financial Professionals (AFP) saying that their organizations are exposed to more earnings uncertainty today than fi ve years ago, 63% report that there is now greater executive review of their strategic assumptions. Many companies, however, are still operating with old world treasury management technology.

According to Aite Group’s Enrico Camerinelli, “Many treasurers already use a standard treasury management system, but these same treasurers may feel constrained by the system’s inability to cope with increasingly complex requirements.” These complexities came to light for treasurers and CFO’s during the global financial crisis. Consulting fi rm Treasury Strategies marks the global financial crisis as the infl ection point in treasury’s evolution towards an intelligenceenabled enterprise. Since that time, treasury’s role has expanded to the financial nerve center of the organization and new regulatory regimes have begun rolling out globally. Treasury now has an updated list of requirements, prompting it to transform how its organization is structured.

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