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SAS: Enterprise case management

Posted: 4 January 2010  |  Source: SAS

A structured framework and approach for holistic management of fraud, waste, abuse and improper payments to support financial services, government and health care

Organizations in financial services, government and health care are struggling to keep pace with the rising volume of cases to manage. In most organizations, separate departments work their own cases using independent tools. Opportunities and issues that span departments are easily missed. Good customers feel the organization doesn’t understand their entire relationship. Fraudsters exploit the disconnects.

Enterprise case management is garnering much attention for its potential to combine intelligence from all those disparate systems and departments into a single repository to more effectively prevent losses, meet regulatory compliance mandates and reduce costs.

SAS® Enterprise Case Management provides a structured environment to establish and enforce best practices across the organization, linking present-day siloed systems into an enterprisewide perspective. With this unified solution, investigators can manage case workflows, add comments and attach documentation, record exposure and losses, produce internal reports and perform regulatory e-filing. Advanced dashboards provide management oversight. Analytical reporting tracks operational performance and supports continuous improvement.

SAS Enterprise Case Management significantly reduces the time and effort of investigating fraud and resolving customer service cases. For example, one firm reported that it now manages the same volume of cases with 26 percent fewer work hours. The holistic perspective opens communication between departments and clarifies issues that would be missed with today’s disparate processes and tools.

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