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SAS: Getting The Right People on Big Data Bus

Posted: 1 July 2016  |  Source: SAS

When considering the challenges businesses face in today’s evolving digital world, business leaders expect that big data will drive big change. And it likely will.

But as with most technical revolutions, the golden trifecta of business transformation – people, process and technology – is critical. The challenge is that the three pieces of the beloved transformation trinity aren’t equal when it comes to big data. This is because embracing big data to become a data-driven company is not a single transformation initiative. It is an ongoing progression of change; a journey that requires a rethink in cultural norms.

While process and technology certainly play a role in this evolution, the shift in culture is solely dependent on the people. From the structure of the organization and defined roles and responsibilities to the teams that will convene and dissolve as initiatives come and go, the Who of big data is what matters most – and that’s what this white paper is all about.

We address the Who of big data from two perspectives: the Why and the How. It is important to address both of these perspectives when determining the right people to have on board for successful big data initiatives:

The Why perspective looks at your organization and answers these questions:

The How perspective looks at the tactics of building a big data team with these questions in mind:

So as you begin your journey, get the right people on your big data bus 

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