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SAS: Text Mining for Safety

Posted: 29 July 2009  |  Source: SAS

Develop your untapped reserves of unstructured data for health, safety and environmental improvements.

To ensure the overall health of the enterprise and its safety and environmental conditions, companies prepare and file detailed incident (and near-incident) reports. Monitoring these events and performing timely analysis leads to effective remediation efforts. Many incident management systems are cumbersome and unavailable at the job site, causing some events to go undocumented. In addition, event details are often not reviewed or captured, which if done could help reduce future occurrences. All of these conditions impede the value and quality of information entered into the system, resulting in additional challenges  to maintaining a safe workplace. Proven technology provided by SAS can help you take prompt action by easing the burden of capturing incident data, improving the quality of the data, and speeding analysis and management notification.

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