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Teradata: The Road to Financial Transparency

Posted: 6 April 2017  |  Source: Teradata

The drumbeat of calls for increased financial transparency has become deafening for CFOs in virtually every industry, especially Government. Intense Congressional oversight, greater transparency, and more informed data consumers require governments to do a better job of providing answers about how money is being spent—and who is benefiting. Yet all this must be done on restricted budgets, and often with IT infrastructures that are not designed to meet these goals.

Leading Government CFOs are finding new ways to meet these conflicting goals. By deploying highly streamlined, automated next-generation finance system architectures and embracing best practices, executives are simplifying existing IT infrastructures, while meeting stakeholders’ transparency demands and providing better analytic insights to the business.

This white paper examines three key building blocks for next-generation financial reporting and analytics. It also reviews the ways a common data foundation can be deployed to help create an optimal finance systems architecture. Case studies illustrate how leading customers have deployed these solutions for significant, quantifiable business benefit.

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