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Workiva: The Impact of Standardization in Your Global Reporting Process (webinar)

Posted: 6 December 2019  |  Source: Workiva

Statutory reporting is a critical process for all organizations and, while traditionally been seen as a necessary process, has not been a critical issue for organizational leadership.  It is now widely acknowledged that this area is both a core requirement and a source of high profile operational risk.  The reporting itself has become more complex and increasingly the information required goes beyond the finance function and invoices multiple functions in an organization and especially the more complex analytical risk functions as risk-aware accounting becomes more critical.  Recent high profile incidents of incorrect treatment and disclosure have only added to the focus on the complex task of coordinating and reporting across enterprises and across multiple jurisdictions in a consistent and efficient manner.  In this webinar, Chartis and Workiva, a leading provider in the field of connected reporting, discuss the issues facing the finance, risk and compliance organizations and how technology can be deployed to address these in a consistent, collaborative and efficient manner.

Click here to watch the webinar.