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RavenPack: Panel Discussion- Artificial Intelligence: Will It Deliver On Its Promise for Finance?

Posted: 3 October 2016  |  Source: RavenPack

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has experienced hype cycles over the last half a century with resulting winters of disillusionment. However, several things have changed, including the cost of computing has declined dramatically and the power of computing has improved exponentially, making AI applications, more practical. The explosion of data is so vast and overwhelming that it has become impossible to understand it without automated support. AI appears to be entering a new phase where interest is surging again, particularly in finance. This panel will bring together key actors to debate whether the latest surge of AI applications will fall short again or will they this time truly transform the financial services industry? Moderator: Garrett Nenner, Lead Project Manager / Business Analyst - E-Trading, Cash & Trading Technologies - Gravitas Technologies Speakers: Rahul Jaising, Director, Head of Quantitative Prime Services, Americas, Barclays Capital Gordon Ritter, Senior Portfolio Manager, GSA Capital Stuart Farr, President, Deltix

Session recorded June 16 2016 at the RavenPack 4th Annual Research Conference, titled "Reshaping Finance with Alternative Data".