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IBM: Where Cyber Security Strategy (Risk Management) and Practical Deployment Meet

Posted: 1 November 2016  |  Source: Public Sector Partners

A Risk based Strategy is in great demand for all state agencies, but how do you formulate a risk approach that can realize a practical deployment? Are there practical examples of how to do this and can I use them to be effective in stopping the wide array of threats facing my organization? Where do you start and what tools and customized frameworks can help you to move beyond compliance to risk-based strategy that your management understands and supports? Learn how in the discussion of what others are doing and take it past just a strategy and risk approach to a practical reality. 

Expected Outcome: Gain insight on how to build a risk-based security strategy and what tools and frameworks can be in building that plan. In addition learn from proven best practices and examples of other state clients approach

Intended Audience: CISO, CIO, ISO, Infrastructure Manager, Privacy and Compliance officers, Operations, Supervisors.

Speaker: Pete Allor, Senior Security Strategist, IBM Security