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Booz Allen Hamilton

Booz Allen Hamilton

Website: www.boozallen.com/financialcrimes

About the company

For more than 100 years, business, government, and military leaders have turned to Booz Allen Hamilton to solve their most complex problems. They trust us to bring together the right minds: those who devote themselves to the challenge at hand, who speak with relentless candor, and who act with courage and character. They expect original solutions where there are no roadmaps. They rely on us because they know that—together—we will find the answers and change the world. To learn more, visit BoozAllen.com.

Products and services

Booz Allen’s financial crimes team believes that technology is a critical element in improving compliance and efficiency in AML programs within Financial Institutions. riskCanvas™ was designed by a consortium of former industry practitioners, regulatory experts, and technologists. riskCanvas is built upon the most cutting-edge technologies to deliver a seamless, high performance, and robust solution for AML teams.

The riskCanvas solution currently contains three modules: Customer Due Diligence, Transaction Monitoring, and Investigation Management. The Customer Due Diligence module enriches entity data, scores for potential risks, and assists in understanding the comprehensive network and relationships of the entity. The Transaction Monitoring module detects suspicious behavior in real-time and generates alerts on transactions as well as provides advanced analytics and machine learning to detect larger suspicious trends and behavior. The Investigation Management module offers workflow/case management which provides an intuitive interface for investigating suspicious activity. All together these modules provide a complete end-to-end financial crime software suite.

The financial crimes team offers a variety of consulting services designed to provide fresh perspective and solutions for common AML challenges.  Our solutions deliver efficiency, compliance, and innovation. With over 100 years of working with financial institutions, our deep understanding of the industry enables us to understand the complexities of our client’s problems. With hundreds of consultants serving in U.S. Treasury, FinCEN, IRS, and law enforcement agencies, we have a unique perspective of the trends and focus of the regulators and law enforcement.

Contact details

Name: Quinten Hout
Title: Head of Global Sales and Marketing
Mobile: 609-529-0441

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