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CIMCON Software

Website: https://www.cimcon.com

About the company

CIMCON Software helps companies minimize the business risks inherent in end-user computing applications (EUCs). These end user controlled applications include but are not limited to models, spreadsheets, Access databases, VBScript, R, Tableau analytics and more.

We enable our users to uncover material errors in models and Excel spreadsheets, find broken links and other issues impacting data integrity, detect the presence of sensitive information (PII, PHI, PCI) and further protect it from data loss.  Our software systematically identifies the location and magnitude of these risks and provides tools to mitigate them in a way consistent with your company's risk management policy. Putting some controls on the end user computing domain can be done seamlessly without creating an additional burden or constraint on the end users themselves.

Headquartered in Boston for over twenty years and with offices in New York, London, and Asia, CIMCON Software's installed client base includes close to 500 companies globally, across a variety of industries.

Products and services

CIMCON offers EUC risk management software ranging from individual user desktop tools to server-based enterprise systems.

XL-AuditTM for EUC analysis & remediation; ensuring your models and spreadsheets are accurate is of fundamental importance. XL-Audit is a desktop solution that provides model/spreadsheet developers and users with an easy to use, highly graphical tool to detect and correct errors. It systematically inspects the spreadsheet logic, documents the data flows between cells, tests all external links and performs file comparisons. Used in both the line of business and by Internal Audit, XL-Audit is an excellent tool to diagnose and fix critical, high-risk spreadsheets.EUC InsightTM Discovery; systematically creates an inventory of all EUCs and performs an initial risk assessment of those files. It also documents a visual map of all data dependencies and integration points (both upstream and downstream) and can detect sensitive information contained in an EUC. Risk analytics and reports can be tailored to meet the needs of your risk management policy.

EUC InsightTM Change Management; is a frictionless controls and continuous monitoring solution that does not impinge on the agility of the end users. It provides for 24/7 monitoring via cell-level audit trails, preventative controls, and approval workflow. EUC Insight is very cost effective for managing the inventory of high-risk EUCs. It has no adverse impact on existing business processes because spreadsheets and other end-user computing file formats do not need to be moved from their existing locations to be monitored and all compliance tasks are automated.

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Rosanne Peterson

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