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Numerix Webinar: Basel III Implementation: Tackling Capital, Collateral, Liquidity, Stress Testing and Enterprise Consistency Challenges in 2015 and Beyond

Source: Numerix

Online Event - Webinar

Wednesday 21 January 2015, 10:00 EST

The intent of Basel III is a strengthened framework of international standards for bank capital adequacy and liquidity with the objective of preventing systemic failures like those seen across the banking sector during the 2008 crisis. While many of the goals behind Basel III — such as greater emphasis on Collateral, Stress Testing, CVA VaR, Liquidity Risk, and Capital Optimization — are clear, the implementation of such goals and measures, their intersections, and the resulting need for greater consistency across the banking enterprise remain a major challenge as we move into the 2015 calendar year.

Join Numerix and Chartis on Wednesday, January 21st at 10am EST as featured speakers Steven Rogers, Research Director, Chartis and Satyam Kancharla, Chief Strategy Officer & SVP of Client Solutions Group, Numerix discuss the latest research and trends across the industry around Basel III implementation as well as best practices for a Basel III implementation framework.

In the first part of our presentation Steven Rogers will present Chartis research and findings on:

As institutions embark on implementing the necessary changes around Basel III, the focus is shifting from Compliance with regulatory mandates to Optimizing business lines and trade activity. In part two of our webinar, Satyam Kancharla will cover best practices for implementing these enterprise-wide changes from an analytics, technology, process and organizational perspective. He will address:

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