RiskTech Forum

Where will Regulatory Change Impact Your Organization?

Online Event - Webinar

Wednesday 21 August 2013, 11:30 EST

In the aftermath of the financial crisis, institutions have been hit by waves of complex and detailed new regulations, greatly increasing their compliance burdens. Risk and compliance executives are under immense pressure to identify the impact of changing regulations, inform affected business lines, and implement controls to circumvent risk. Unfortunately, the range and complexity of new regulations, the inability of regulators to provide succinct instructions for compliance, and outdated processes for managing the impact of regulatory change, have made it very difficult to “read the tea leaves” and identify the potential impact of regulatory changes.

Wolters Kluwer Financial Services and Chartis Research conducted a survey to see how firms manage the often conflicting obligations of meeting regulatory requirements and maximizing profitability. Join our experts for this informative session as they share the results of this research and provide best practices advice on:

• Managing and mitigating risk while improving overall profitability
• Leveraging technology to enhance compliance and advance broader business goals
• Reducing operational risk and enhancing efficiency through streamlined processes and effective controls

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