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Bank Albilad Selects Validata ATS For End-To-End Testing On TEMENOS T24™

Posted: 26 November 2012  |  Source: Validata

Validata Group has announced further success for Validata ATS, in the signing of a contract with Bank Albilad. This contract confirms the current position of Validata ATS as the leader in integrated end-to-end automated testing suites for the Temenos market place.

Since it was launched, Validata ATS has enjoyed continued success with contracts signed in Europe, North America, Middle East and Asia.

Global contracts with banks such as Albilad is proof of the technical leadership of the product in meeting current and future challenges of TEMENOS T24™ clients; delivering new products and services to market quicker, reducing IT costs and improving customer satisfaction.

Validata ATS is part of Validata SAS, a central suite for integrated tools, agnostic of any platform, database, UI and APIs, focused on managing core application lifecycle activities from requirements through testing and configuration management allowing banks to encourage best practices by capturing and reusing project assets and process knowledge. It is designed to validate the various configurations across the complete T24 software stack from Core to Country Model Bank, ISB and Local code.

It enables end-to-end testing from front office applications with Desktop, Web and mobile user interfaces to backend processes and operations, and integrates with both Business and IT tools and repositories without taking customers to rigid platforms, and providing end-to-end traceability, dashboards and reporting.

Rashed Abdullah Al Othman, CIO of Bank Albilad said “Validata’s reputation in the banking and finance sector made them our obvious choice for a partner. From a business perspective their practical approach and methodology have allowed us to shape our testing effort effectively, whilst technically, we are able to support local and offshore working models seamlessly.”

“Its tight integration with T24™and its inbuilt testing processes and workflows meant we could start testing immediately; while the integrated platform enables us to streamline our internal testing processes. Overall, Validata ATS has delivered real quality assurance and value back into the business.” continued Rashed.

“Bank Albilad has taken a very strategic view on testing and we’re delighted that they have selected Validata Group as a partner to help deliver in that area.” said Vaios Vaitsis, Founder and CEO of Validata Group.

“Validata ATS unique data-centric approach to test design minimizes effort and repetitive steps, and maximizes test coverage. This approach is also extended in test execution, with techniques such as multi-release testing, model-driven testing alleviating key pain points experienced by testers today.” added Vaios.