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Neural Technologies And Aerospike Join Forces To Deliver New Gateway To Big Data

Posted: 5 May 2016  |  Source: Neutral Technologies

Risk management and analytics expert Neural Technologies has partnered with Silicon Valley engineering company Aerospike, to deliver real-time Big Data analytics and Risk Management, processing over 30bn events per day.

The technology partnership allows Neural’s Minotaur Platform to deliver faster processing – giving customers alerts in real-time and reducing the cost of ownership, due to its NoSQL data store.  The move from relational type databases to non-relational databases and combinations of both allows Neural to meet the needs of customers who are demanding higher performance analytical processing on a much smaller IT hardware footprint.

Andrew Tan, CIO of Neural Technologies, commented: “Our new partnership with Aerospike enables us to both improve cost of ownership and provide a gateway to completely new areas of Big Data management going forward.

“We are working to make Minotaur operate in real-time from end to end. With more companies than ever employing Big Data tools to help them analyse and understand business risk, time is of the essence when detecting anomalies indicating fraud. Aerospike’s technology is allowing us to take another step into the Big Data environment, really embracing Big Data technology and putting it to work for our customers. This is no longer something we are just discussing, we are making this a reality for our clients.”

John Dillon, CEO of Aerospike, commented: “There’s a massive shift in the database industry, as developers seek revolutionary technology with unlimited scale and blazing speeds. Aerospike has quickly become the de facto choice for supporting this new era of applications, and we are committed to advancing our game changing technology and ensuring that customers succeed.”