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SAS: Data Mining 101: How To Reveal New Insights In Existing Data To Improve Performance

Posted: 23 February 2011  |  Source: SAS

Insights from a webinar in the SAS Applying Business Analytics Series  Originally broadcast in June 2010

The ability to make effective, fact-based decisions is not based on data quantity. most organizations are awash in data – too much of it, in many cases. rather, success is based on an organization’s ability to discover more meaningful and predictive insights from the data it already has.

That was the topic of a SAS webinar in the applying business analytics series – showing how predictive analytics and data mining can reveal new insights out of existing data to improve business performance. the presentation focused on how to:

•  Discover new and relevant insights with speed and flexibility.
•  Analyze data to find useful results with confidence.
•  Act quickly to make better decisions and drive better actions.
•  Monitor analyses and results to verify continued relevance and accuracy.
•  Effectively manage a growing portfolio of predictive assets

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