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SAS: Trends in Combating Cybercrime Tips and Techniques for Defending Your Network

Posted: 16 May 2014  |  Source: SAS

Cybercrime is the new frontier in crime today . Responsible for the loss of billions of dollars, it is changing the way companies do business and how they handle their data.

Hackers (some prefer to call them crackers or black hats) are using the Internet to steal people’s identities, hijack networks and access sensitive data . The tools and techniques they use are continually evolving.

As a result, staying ahead of this new wave of crime has become a complex challenge.

Traditional tools that promised protection have only added to that complexity by creating more data for companies to manage.

Organizations can mitigate risk by networking, sharing information and implementing a series of best practices . At the same time, they can respond faster to infiltrations by looking at all their data with best-in-class analysis tools.

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