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RiskMinds: Webinar - Practical Operational Implementation of FRTB

Posted: 1 November 2016  |  Source: RiskMinds

This webinar with Bo Boisen, Senior Director, FRTB & Risk Data Platform at Nordea Markets (https://goo.gl/WEOzC6), explores the challenges in implementing FRTB and explains why this is different compared to other regulatory implementation programs. With the analogy of the Journey from A to B, Bo Boisen will defines what the challenges are in implementing FRTB, and how they interrelate.

He will speak at RiskMinds International in December 2016. Find out more at https://goo.gl/WEOzC6.

Understanding how they interrelate will impact the optimal design and configuration of each banks FRTB implementation, possibly questioning the decision if you would want to build IMA altogether. Also the optimal delivery approach is discussed and how you would structure the work. It is clear that multiple stakeholders would need to be engaged and the right governance needs to be in place. Further, the need for additional external support and possible the use of utilities to deliver elements of the implementation is discussed..